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DBE Certified, we are your GIS solutions and Web Development service experts. We work with clients in diverse industries to evaluate business needs and create informational platforms customized to meet your organizational needs and goals. We promise to deliver exceptional products every time.

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We offer a variety of technology related services here at GDMS. From Database development to customized Data Management Platforms. GDMS is your technology solution.

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Innovative Solutions

Keeping you and your organization up-to-date with modern technology, methods, and solutions.

Solid Development

Behind every great platform must be a solid back-end development.

Bold Designs

With so many companies available at the click of a button, it is important for your organization to stand out while maintaining a clear (customer trusted) identity.

Custom Creations

No cookie cutter design or development. All of our creations are built to suit your specific needs.

Ways to utilize us


Using GIS to solve everyday problems

Explore trends, visualize hotspots, or assess environmental issues by imploring current GIS technological advancements.


Using drone technolgy to reach new heights

Using drone technology to have updated imagery to plan, analyze, and view physical boundaries or site overview is a must.


Using data management platforms

Whether you have small or large datasets, a data management platform can help transform your data. The ability to query, analyze, and compare your information in a viewable interface allows for optimized decision making.


Municipal Data Management Platforms

Most municipalities need a quick, convenient way to communicate with their community. A customized website is a great solution. Pairing the website with various informational tools (digitized forms) allow you to effectively (stream line services and) connect with your target audience.

Upcoming Project

A Community Resource Platform

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Most Recent Projects

Data Management Platform

ALCOSAN's Internal Historical Easements and Right-of-Ways Data Management Platform.

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Professional Website

TJ Dow for Cleveland Judge

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Municipal Website

Borough of East McKeesport's Municipal Website

Click here to learn more

Non-profit Organization Website

The Rankin Christian Center's Non-profit Website

Click here to learn more

Municipal Website

Braddock Borough's Municipal Website

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Recent Project

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We are here for you

In this fast paced, ever changing environment, GDMS is committed to supporting you. We aim to provide each of our partners with the necessary tools, resources, and expertise to stay ahead of the curve.

Discovering Solutions

If you have a project in mind GDMS would love to hear from you. Please fill out our contact form to begin the process of creating something awesome together.